Accessible Cabin in Colorado

The last several years I have made a concerted effort to do more traveling within my home state of Colorado. People come here from all over the world to experience all that the beautiful Rocky Mountains and other parts of the state have to offer. As I mentioned in my previous post, Colorado has exceptional access for people in wheelchairs or who live with other mobility impairments. Our state parks are no exception.

While on a good old-fashioned road trip this past summer, we stayed in the wheelchair accessible Cabin #1 at Sylvan Lake State Park outside of Eagle, Colorado. It was a large and comfortable three-bedroom log cabin with capacity for up to 12 people for $170 per night. The state park website boasts that Cabin #1 has approximately 2000 square feet of room, which explains why it was so easy for me to get in and around, even in my large power wheelchair. It had a full kitchen, dining area, and comfortable living room with a view of the lake. You can see more details online here.

Cabin #1 kitchen  Queen bedroom accessible bathroom bedroom with bunks

We brought our own bedding, as suggested, along with several flashlights and a cooler full of food. It was fabulous to have access to the propane stove and refrigerator, as it allowed us to save our leftovers from one night’s dinner and serve them for lunch the next day. While I set out on the front patio next to the accessible picnic table, the boys rented a paddle boat and took it out on the lake. We found out later that visitors can also rent canoes, sea kayaks, or even snowshoes.




In addition to the less than rough version of “roughing it” that I’ve already described, Sylvan Lake State Park also has some smaller cabins that have wheelchair access and a number of ADA compliant campsites. Colorado Parks and Wildlife appears to be working very hard to continually develop and offer a wide array of activities for people with disabilities including opportunities to interact with wildlife, go fishing, hunting, and more. Check out their webpage dedicated specifically to individuals with disabilities.

Sylvan Lake campground

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